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Every ring worn on a finger tells us a Story and life is too short to wear something which is produced in mass. Select from the collection listed below and check yourself


People will stare making your pair of Earrings special and life is too short wearing boring jewellery. Hence select from the collections listed and to know what your interests are.


Necklace is not a lace around a women’s neck but Beauty is truth’s smile when she beholds her neck in front of the mirror. The collections listed are for Daily wear to Bridal Necklaces.


A Bangles have always been a important jewellery for Indian Woman which is sign of significance of being married. It also signifies good prosperity and fortune. The collections below are simply breathtaking.


A pendant is an ornament that is suspended from another piece of jewellery such as a necklace, neck chain, ribbon, brooch, bracelet, or earring. On the olden days, woman wore Religious Pendants also in a form of Lockets. The list Includes Religious, traditional designs and fashion designs

Pendant Set

A collection of Daily wears which looks elegant for working woman or for Woman of all ages is prepared in a specific range to target the new generation. The collections listed below is awaiting for your selections.

Men’s Collections

As woman have their happiness in Jewellery, men too loved to have a collection of Cars and Watches.
IN recent times , diamond Rings are exchanged between brides and designer Cuff Links & Tie clips adds to Men’s dress code.



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